Back from holidays

Back from holidays

How beautiful and magical these holidays! No problem, no confusion, and a pretty destination! Departure in the evening by car from the Paris region, for an arrival on Toulon early morning, to take the ferry that was to take me to Corsica: Everything went absolutely well, the road is long (+/- 800 KM) but arrived at km 400 problem! problem!

The speeds of my car have begun to let go. The 5th is in neutral, the 4th, does not want to engage lol and speeds are "wedged" without being fully engaged. Super hard of them pass, had to do both hands while trying not to break the box! It would have been more than tragic there.

I arrive somehow on the boat after having traveled 350kms like that. Leaving the boat it took me 15 minutes to put the 1st and so good! 

On Ajaccio, once installed, I call my assistance that sends me a tow truck right away. Super bad guy, who tries to make me believe that it's my clutch that has let go, and there, the bums start! We take my car to Volkswagen, who tell me the same thing. Except that I insisted on checking the oil of the box. 3 days to ride in a replacement car, 3 days to learn that it was "just" box oil! The emptying, the car rolled like clockwork and from there, that happiness in this holiday!

I love the beach! I was spoiled there : the beaches are beautiful there , the water is transparent / turquoise blue, it's superb! The sea is warm (warmer than cold!), And the beaches are for some very difficult to access by car (crevasses enermous ground, no tar etc) and suddenly, they are almost deserted! 

The views of the mountains are superb too. The fans of gastronomy will be disappointed by cons: the restaurants are 80% pizza and paws... bof we find all year round on Paris paws and pizzas lol. The rest of the holidays went well and I found Paris (too depressing) on September 4th, sniff! To speak health, no problem of the mask style of the wolf or others. Just the same huge fatigue and pain, except that, nothing to report, and it's pretty cool! I was able to tan, not to change the sun LOL, I have a hard time avoiding it oddly: p

What an absence!
I have been away for a long time from my blog, but there is an explanation for everything. First, my BTS (1st year), he was in danger lol I had about 5 months to complete 2 semesters of courses and homework because of my late registration. So, I was less often present behind the pc, hence my absence from the blog and its Facebook page.

The school year is over, I am pleased to announce that I have validated , with the small average of 13.5. Could not do better in 5 months lol I had too little time! But I'm already asking a lot of questions for next year! Still courses via the CNED, or alternation? Who says alternation, says school / work, and I'm afraid of the fatigue that it can cause, because after 2 weeks I know that I will be OK!

If you have any opinions or suggestions: I'm listening! Working with the kids took me a lot of time too with the extra hours , and end of year meetings, but all that is over too: Long live the holidays but, I still do not know where to pass them mine mdr ^^ (again, if you have suggestions.....!)

I had a few moments of tiredness, fever, re-tired, fed up sometimes too (if so!: O) but now I intend to take advantage of the 2 months of vacation to re-po-ser! Then, I would like to make a small reminder of Saturday: Lupine lunch , in a creperie in Montparnasse. It was nice like everything, I met in "real", great people and very nice! We put that back?

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